All that for this. After long months of chambering, provocations and waiting, the verdict of the long-awaited fight between Cédric Doumbè and Baysangur “Baki” Chamsoudinov has delivered its verdict. The fight stopped before the limit as Doumbé complained of discomfort in his left foot, caused by a piece of glass. Immediately, the match was stopped by the referee. Result, Baki won by medical stoppage.

On social networks, and in particular on X (formerly Twitter), reactions are pouring in. Many mocking videos have been published. For example, we saw a Koh-Lanta participant shouting with probably a thorn in his side, in reference to Doumbè’s injury.

Another video showing comedian Jonathan Cohen shouting “my foot” was published by another Internet user.

Fabrice Allouche, three-time world champion in kick-boxing and Thai boxing, entrepreneur, consultant on beIN Sport, also paid lip service to Doumbè, evoking a “comedy show”.

Doumbè had also “reserved” a hospital room for Baki as accommodation. Another Internet user did not fail to make fun of this action.