No animosity for Doumbè, who is not afraid of Baki: “There is never any animosity, it’s always sporting. Baki is a young man with potential and there is nothing personal. But Cédric Doumbé does not fear any opponent, I am not afraid of anyone, and even less of him. Baki is much better than my last opponent, so I’ve been practicing a lot. I respect him a lot and I trained hard.”

A simple “step” for Baki: “I only see victory at the end, but above all I see much further than that. For me, it’s just another match, this fight is not an end goal for me. I know what’s going to happen. Three times five minutes in front of a man, I do it every day. There is nothing that fits in my head. In terms of level, I will win this fight quietly and go home. Especially since he comes from another discipline.”

“Baki is water” for Doumbè: “There are no jokes, no laughing, I’m not going to lose. I’ve been training for years, 20,000 people is water, Baki is water, I’m going to put it out. When I replay the match in my bed, there is no scenario where I lose. Very seriously, it’s a great fight, the public wants to see this fight, there is a “hype”. It’s a nice contrast in style. The wrestler against the striker, the big mouth against the one who doesn’t talk too much but who rises little by little. People want to see Cédric Doumbè fall, people want to see Cédric Doumbè in PLS against a wrestler… The excitement that this fight will cause, you will be shocked. All the people there will be… France will stop to watch this fight. But for me, this fight is training, I’m going to sweat a little… and get a little ticket too.”

The personalities announced for the fight by Cédric Doumbè: “Kylian Mbappé will come back, because he was so shocked last time… He will come back with his teammates, especially since they won yesterday… There will be Joachim Noah, Vincent Cassel, DJ Snake, Kaaris, Gims… and I forgot some of course.”