D-1 before the big night. It will be “a bloody war” declared “BSD” at a press conference before his duel in the cage against UFC legend Dustin Poirier (Saturday from 11:30 p.m.). On enemy soil, the Frenchman was welcomed under the whistles of the Americans, aware of the importance of this battle, which could elevate the former special forces to the rank of MMA superstar, facing a notable opponent, and well oldest in the field.

But he is the first to know and say it: “It is a great honor for me to fight Dustin Poirier on this UFC 299 card in his country. I prepared hard to give him the biggest fight possible. The best fighter will win. Saturday, it will be a bloody war. Despite his important status, Poirier is warned and knows the dangerousness of the man nicknamed “The God of War”. “He has guts. It’s going to be a war! He finished his last 5 opponents. I come in to finish him, and he comes in to finish me… it’s going to be crazy! Enjoy the show.” He also recognized at the microphone of RMC Sport the qualities of the native of Nîmes who seems to him “very dangerous, very aggressive”.

One year after Cyril Gane against Jon Jones, Benoît Saint-Denis will represent France and challenge another legend of this sport in one of the biggest fights in the history of French MMA. Since opposite him, Dustin Poirier is at the end of his career, but has an extraordinary record and achievements. At 35, he has a record of 29 victories, including 2 against the terrible Conor McGregor, for 8 defeats. Entering the UFC in 2021, Benoît Saint-Denis is much less experienced than the 3rd world lightweight who arrived in the league in 2011, when the Frenchman was in high school, and who has double his number of fights. So this Saturday evening in the octagon, “the god of war” can change dimension in the event of victory. But whatever the result, it’s a fight that will go down in the history of French MMA.

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