On Saturday night, just before the Benoit Saint-Denis fight, the Australian won his 7th victory in as many UFC fights. Facing Gilbert Burns, Jack Della Maddalena won by TKO in the third round. Beyond this impressive success in terms of manner, it is the condition of the fighter which made this victory spectacular.

On his social networks, his manager, Tim Simpson published a photo of the radio performed by his foal after the fight. “His arm was broken at the start of the fight. He recovered to finish in the third round, A Soldier! PS: Gilbert hits hard!” he wrote. In this image, we see Della Maddalena’s bone completely broken.

This injury would have occurred very early in the fight, but the pain would not have hindered him from continuing to fight for 3 rounds. Even though it was mainly his right arm that he used to finish his opponent, he never showed the slightest discomfort when he was forced to defend himself with his left.