At the Accor Arena in Bercy

Ibrahim Mané takes care of his entry into the PFL welterweight category, winning his fight against the Dutchman Chequina Noso Pedro by the judges’ decision.

For fifteen minutes, the two fighters set Bercy on fire, now full to capacity. From the first resumption, the fight delighted the fans in both the standing and wrestling phases. The fight could have taken a different turn if Chequina Noso Pedro’s guillotine attempt had succeeded. It was almost nothing.

Finally, as the minutes passed, the Frenchman was the most effective fighter in terms of damage inflicted but also in terms of takedowns.

The fighter from Team Kumite, an MMA and grappling club from Kremlin-Bicêtre (Hauts-de-Seine), was keen to win his first fight at the PFL in order not to repeat his mistake made in 2018 at Bellator. For his debut in this other world MMA organization, “Freezer” lost by KO after just 12 seconds.

Undefeated since 2021, Ibrahim Mané now has 14 victories for 4 defeats and above all a 6th consecutive success. This fight, organized as part of the PFL season tournament, gives the fighter the right to put on the organization’s gloves again for the semi-final.