At the Accor Arena (Bercy)

For his third fight at PFL Europe, Yazid Chouchane lost by KO in the second round. This is the Frenchman’s second defeat among the PFL lightweights (-70kg). This time against the Spanish fighter, but also consultant for Eurosport and entrepreneur in virtual reality, Ignacio Capella.

Unfortunately, after devastating foot-to-fist exchanges, Yazid Chouchane found himself on his back. The Spaniard Ignacio Capella, purple belt in Brazilian ju-jitsu (BJJ), quickly took control of the Frenchman on the ground. In the second round, Yazid Chouchane was also dominated in the standing combat phases until he tried to bring his opponent to the ground. At the same time, Ignacio Capella landed an uppercut knocking the Frenchman to the ground.

With this defeat, the Marseillais, affiliated with Marseille Fight Club, now has a record of 10 victories for 5 defeats and one victory for two defeats in the PFL.