Donn Davis is present in Paris for the PFL Paris II, where Cédric Doumbe and Baissangour Chamsoudinov will face off in the main event this Thursday at Bercy.

The founder and president of the Professional Fighter League (PFL) announced in an exclusive interview to be published Thursday evening that the first PFL Africa will take place in April 2025. This is Francis Ngannou, president of the African branch of the organization and future Joshua’s heavyweight boxing opponent on Friday, who will announce in person at the end of this summer the location and precise date of the event. The April 2025 period holds the rope.

The PFL Africa will be officially launched on the day of the fight and will be followed by a season, in accordance with the PFL format on other continents.

Francis Ngannou continues his interlude in English boxing by facing the British Anthony Joshua on the night of Friday to Saturday.