The French striker once again produced a high-class performance at the age of 36. Well inspired in the first action of this meeting, Kevin Gameiro came to cut at the near post to deceive Alban Lafont with his left foot (0-1, 3rd). Thanks to this 100th achievement in the championship, the striker allowed his team to start this meeting in the best possible way. He then continued to turn the heads of the Nantes defenders by going deep. He unbalanced the entire visiting block. Never stingy with his efforts, he also often came down to help his defensive block when the latter suffered. He was replaced by Rabby Nzingoula in the 76th minute to secure the victory.

The Dutch striker was impressively realistic in this part. Rather discreet in the first period, Emmanuel Emegha increased the intensity when his team needed it most. Returning from the locker room, the young Dutchman went deep without being served most of the time. On a ball recovered high, it is served to the right of the area. After a check, he crosses his shot perfectly to deceive Alban Lafont and put the Alsatians in the lead. Always active, he came to punish Nantais who left too much space while trying to come back to the score. After a delivery on Bakwa, he is served by the latter in the depth. He dribbles past the Canaries goalkeeper to make the break (1-3, 78th) and ensure Alsatian success in this race to maintain.


The Egyptian missed too many chances to bring the Canaries back into this meeting. Mostafa Mohamed was often on the receiving end of his partners’ crosses but was narrow in his headers. In the area he missed the target on each of his attempts (0/5). Apart from this lack of efficiency, the Egyptian lost too many balls (12 in total) and failed to weigh on this Strasbourg defense which nevertheless showed signs of weakness.

Picked cold, the Nantes block had a very complicated evening. Jostled from the start, the Canaries’ defense then had great difficulty covering the Alsatian races behind their backs. Gaining speed in almost every race, the central Nantes players lacked the speed to stay in contact. On Emegha’s first goal, the Dutch striker was too alone to adjust Alban Lafont who had been rather solid throughout this meeting. On the goal of the break, the lack of responsiveness of the latter was glaring. In the aerial duels, the Nantes residents were also too often dominated in this meeting.