The town of Dugny (Seine-Saint-Denis) announced on Tuesday that it had named all of the streets of the 2024 Olympic media village with women’s names, which will welcome journalists during the competition before being converted into a residential area. . During a ceremony held on March 8, International Women’s Rights Day, the eight streets of the new district received “the names of local or national female personalities”, indicated the mayor (DVD) Quentin Gesell in a statement.

This 100% feminine name is “an opportunity to honor the crucial role of women in our society but also to increase the presence of feminine names in the public space” of this popular commune of 11,300 inhabitants, declared the municipality. Among the personalities chosen are well-known names such as the lawyer Gisèle Halimi or the artist and resistance fighter Joséphine Baker. But there are also women with more local or confidential notoriety, like Eve Chastagnol, a centenarian from the city who died in 2020, or Caroline Aigle, the first French woman to become a fighter pilot in 1999. Their names were chosen based on the occasion of an internet consultation last year.

Many municipalities across France are trying to name more streets after women, a very small minority compared to the number of streets named after men, to increase their visibility in public space. Built for the 2024 Olympics, the media village will welcome this summer 1,580 journalists out of the 26,000 accredited, mainly technicians working opposite in one of the press centers, that of Le Bourget. It will be formally inaugurated at the end of March.