A national issue. And a question of credibility. If Emmanuel Macron has been repeating for months his intention to see France shine at the Olympics (July 26-August 11), with the importance of having the best players/athletes available, the Kylian Mbappé case is also part of his job. time. The only problem is that the head of state has little control over this subject. The reason ? The French football star, future Real Madrid player, is currently being retained by his next club, wanting to avoid seeing him play in the Euro (June 14-July 14) and Olympic Games. The employer pays (dearly) and decides. Logic.

But faced with this all-important media and sporting subject (Thierry Henry’s French team will be better with Mbappé), Emmanuel Macron has not said his last word. This Tuesday noon, during the 120th anniversary of FIFA, which has a branch in Paris, a lunch is organized at the Élysée. On the guest list is a certain… Florentino Perez.

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Information from our colleagues RMC/L’Équipe, which we are able to confirm. The big boss of Real Madrid is expected in the capital. He landed this Tuesday morning at Le Bourget. The two men will inevitably mention the case of the 25-year-old striker, expected in the city of Madrid to formalize his arrival, undoubtedly after the Champions League final next Saturday. Subsequently, the President of the Republic will travel to New Caledonia.

In an email sent to the FFF, the largest club in the world has already warned of its intention not to release French players (Camavinga, Mendy, Tchouaméni) for the Olympics. The Euro, yes, because it is a Fifa obligation, but not the Games. Real, like many clubs, and in particular French teams, does not imagine players playing in both competitions and only being available for the resumption of La Liga and the Champions League at the end of August/beginning of September. Even less for Kylian Mbappé, who will pocket a considerable signing bonus and will receive the biggest salary in the Madrid locker room.

Interviewed last March in Le Figaro, Philippe Diallo, president of the FFF, mentioned the participation of the French star in the Olympics. “Kylian expressed his wish to do them. We know the conditions (not a FIFA date, club agreement), I regret the position of Real Madrid which closes the door to a dream of many players. I respect their decision. It is also the only foreign club to have informed us of this. (…) I’m not forbidding myself anything, but they have spoken. If a door opens between now and the Olympics, we will push it. At the last Games, the FFF suffered 31 refusals from clubs. Our job is to try to have the best team possible. If we have to go see Florentino Perez in Madrid, we will.” Tuesday, the president of Real will be in Paris. For significant progress in the file… or an end to no return?