“I think we hit hard this time,” laughs the man called “Theoaudace”. “It’s been a month with Theoaudace that we’ve been preparing the biggest prank of our lives,” announced “Iroytoutcourt” before PSG-Nice. The feat of arms of these two influencers? Having deployed a tifo… to the glory of OM in the stands of the Parc des Princes on Wednesday, before the kick-off of the quarter-final of the Coupe de France won by Paris Saint-Germain against the Aiglons (3-1 ). The kind of thing that will undoubtedly amuse Olympique Marseille fans a lot, but Parisian supporters much less.

The two thieves claim to have placed blue and white sheets on a certain number of seats, at the top of the Boulogne stand, with these instructions: “When the players enter the field, raise your sheet high above your head and keep it like this until the end of the tifo. Message concluded with “Go PSG”. The spectators therefore carried out the instructions. Except that it was indeed a white “M” on a blue background that appeared in the stand as the players entered, while the Collectif Ultras Paris deployed a real tifo on the Auteuil side. An “M” in reference to the Marseille club, rival of Paris Saint-Germain, that seems quite clear. “It was indeed an OM tifo for those who doubt,” congratulates Iroy on social networks, with the spelling mistake which goes well. Remember that PSG will travel to Marseille on March 31, during the 27th day of Ligue 1, just after the international break. A Classic which has already started a little in the stands.

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