Cameron Woki (second row of the French XV, winner of Uruguay 27-12, on TF1): “There is a lot of frustration, we would have liked to create something else. We played against a team that had a lot of desire, which was starting its competition. I think we respected them but above all I believe that we failed to put our game in place, whether in scrum or in the running game. There you go, we sinned a little in melee. We weren’t patient, I think. We need to fix it, work on it and try to be more patient next time.

Fifteen penalties are huge, huge. It is even unacceptable at the international level. Today we were undisciplined. We would have liked to show something else and we showed that we were an undisciplined team, it’s a real shame. But there are no easy matches, we are in a World Cup, everyone plays the matches to their fullest. Next week we will have to prepare for the match (against Namibia, editor’s note) as if it were a final. I think we were a little relaxed given the opponent this evening (Thursday).”