The start of the school year went well this Monday for the Figarists with a first 33-mile coastal course opening the Solo Guy Cotten. And this initial exercise around the Glénan archipelago was won by Loïs Berrehar (Skipper Macif 2022), winner ahead of Mael Garnier (SELENCIA – Cerfrance) and Romen Richard (Passion Santé / Trans-Forme). Arno Biston (Tizh Mor), first rookie, finished in 7th place in this first round contested in tough conditions.

“I had good speed, the boat is going really well, I’m very happy with my sails. I felt really good on board. I worked well to get up places by gybing just after the clearance buoy which allowed me to create a small gap. Afterwards, I did my little run alone in front. We will have to continue this momentum now,” commented the winner of this first exercise which will be followed by a second 17-mile coastal course, this Tuesday, between Concarneau and Glénan.