Tiago Motta’s men, expected to be on the Juve bench next season, may harbor regrets because they were able to take advantage of the gross marking errors of their opponents, to take off during the first hour.

The first occurred on a corner poorly cleared by the Turinese, defender Riccardo Calafiori scoring from close range without opposition (2nd). Then, in turn, Santi Castro took advantage of Juventino’s defensive laxity to score the break goal with his head (11th).

Overcome by nervousness and multiplying mistakes, the Bianconeri even seemed to lose the thread of the match and were punished once again by Calafiori who scored a double on a subtle dive ball (3-0, 53rd).

But the changes made by Paolo Monteiro, who replaced Massimiano Allegri suspended for his blood attack at the end of the Italian Cup final won by Juve on Wednesday, changed this meeting. In the space of 12 minutes Enrico Chiesa (76), and the returning Arkadiousz Milik (83) and Kenan Yildiz (84) in fact snatched a draw for the Turinese, in turn taking advantage of errors by the Bologna players.

The two teams maintain their position in the ranking, Bologna (3rd, 67 pts) preceding Juve on goal difference (24 against 21).