For his first Six Nations Tournament at the head of Italy, Gonzalo Quesada hit hard with two victories and a draw, but his contribution was, according to him, limited “to bringing out a playing identity”, he said. he insisted after the success (24-21) against Wales on Saturday in Cardiff. “Italy showed its personality and its playing identity during this Tournament. I did nothing other than bring out this identity,” declared the former Argentinian international at a press conference.

“It’s all the merit of the players for having worked a lot and not having dispersed after the victory against Scotland (31-29 last Saturday in Rome, Editor’s note),” he continued. “Italy is no longer that friendly team that attacks well. We returned to the basics of Italian rugby, without losing this ability to attack. We found personality and solidity in defense and conquest, this is for me the great satisfaction of this tournament,” underlined Quesada who succeeded New Zealander Kieran Crowley after the 2023 World Cup.

“What was in place before I arrived was this very united group of players, with impressive leaders,” insisted the former manager of Stade Français. “They had been marked by the last two matches of the 2023 World Cup (defeats against New Zealand and France, Editor’s note) and were able to show their true colors during this tournament,” he concluded. For the first time in its history, Italy, 5th with eleven points, had three matches in the Tournament without defeat, a draw against France (13-13), and two victories (against Scotland and the country of Wales).