The big victory of the Blues in Wales this Sunday – their 45 points scored is a record for a match in Cardiff, the 51 scored in 1998 were during a match of the relocated Tournament at Wembley – and the victories of the England and Italy have reshuffled all the cards.

If Ireland (16 points in the ranking), beaten at Twickenham, can no longer achieve the Grand Slam, it may also not finish in first place, England (12 points), Scotland (11) and France (11) can still claim it.

Concerning the Blues, it would still take quite a combination of circumstances since the XV du Trèfle has a very favorable goal average (80, against 4).

The conditions to be met are indeed numerous: – bonus victory against England to pocket 5 points – defeat without defensive (nor offensive) bonus for Ireland in Dublin against Scotland – that the scores of the two matches fill the gaps 76 points difference on goal average, which means comfortably beating the XV de la Rose and hoping that Scotland does the same in Dublin…

If, mathematically, there is still a possibility for the Blues to win the 2024 edition of the Six Nations Tournament, in fact, achieving this objective is highly improbable.