And 8! By winning the derby this Saturday against Stade Français (13-9), Racing offered itself its eighth consecutive victory at the Jean-Bouin stadium, where its invincibility has lasted since 2018. Dominated in the scrum but effective in the other sectors, the Ciel et Blanc have achieved a new success that is much more valuable than spectacular. Stuart Lancaster’s men managed to tame the weather conditions and their Parisian rival, who was too busy to hope for anything. The happiness is double for the Ciel et Blanc, who pocket the derby and will spend the week ahead of their neighbor in the standings.

Amidst the technical inaccuracies caused by the pouring rain and the wind, Tristan Tedder and Nolann Le Garrec survived. A clever passer at the foot for Chavancy, the only try scorer in the game, the South African fly-half stood out for his mobility and availability. Effective in front of the poles (a penalty registered), number 10 made a pair with his 9, also inspired. The young Frenchman (21 years old) scored six points and made his team’s play more fluid. At the end of the match, Le Garrec could even have provoked Racing’s 2nd try after an interception, which almost benefited… Tedder, who came to support.

An identified force of the Stadistes, the Parisian pack tormented its opponent throughout the meeting, giving a significant number of ammunition within 22 meters, especially after the hour of play. The pillar of Racing Kharaishvili in pain (and warned at the 58th), the melee of the “Pink army” dominated its subject despite a significant penalty conceded as the siren approached. The numerous whistles won beforehand should have allowed the Parisian attack to take advantage. But the touch ruined everything…


Flying half Joris Segonds will no doubt have regrets. Impeccable against the posts (3/3 for the 9 points scored by his team), the 26-year-old insisted on a penalty while Racing still led 13-9 in the last 20 minutes. Should he have prioritized points? It’s hard to blame him as the enormous waste of his partners was difficult to predict. At least in its proportions. In the second half, Sekou Macalou and others lost four throws in touch, returning possession to Racing who didn’t ask for so much. This afternoon at Jean Bouin, the Stade Français touch betrayed the scrum. Upon arrival, Laurent Labit’s players saw their home streak continue against their rival.

After extending his freelance this week, the Franco-South African veteran (37 years old) missed his derby. Suffering from comparison with Le Garrec, Kockott was too discreet before distinguishing himself… by his indiscipline. At the heart of the Racingmen’s biggest highlight, at the start of the second half, he received a yellow card for repeated fouls (46th) and never returned to the pitch, replaced by Brad Weber.

The humidity, wind and pouring rain of Paris made life very difficult for the actors. In the first period, handballs multiplied, giving a muddled and disjointed face to this highly anticipated clash. It was (a little) cleaner in the second half but the conditions did not allow both teams to spread their wings. And as a symbol, a final forward committed by Alo-Emile sent everyone back to the locker room. Racing celebrating its success, snatched away by forceps.