You should take care to be a little too quick on the trigger when you are in Egypt. It must be a just 19-year-old british citizen named Mohammed Fathi Abulkasem true, as he has allegedly been arrested for being in possession of a feriebillede, which coincidentally also shows a helicopter in the background.

The typing of several international media, including the New York Times and The Guardian.

According to the media, landed the teenager, who has both libyan and british citizenship, in the egyptian city of Alexandria 21. november together with a friend, after which he took a picture of the airport through the aircraft’s window.

According to Mohammed Fathi Abulkasems family was the 19-year-old subsequently questioned by the authorities at the airport, which looked at his phone, where they discovered the image of the airport, where you were reportedly also able to see a militærhelikopter in the background.

the Family is telling, moreover, that both jacks then was arrested, and that Muhammad was the aim to ‘collect information from a military installation’. They are reportedly both still imprisoned in Egypt.

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According to the family the 19-year-old briton from Manchester, been in court several times during his imprisonment, but he has not yet been released, as the egyptian authorities suspect him of being a ‘spy’:

– His parents are about to break down. His 13-year-old sister has thrown up blood because she overheard a conversation about it, and it was she who had asked Muhammad to take the picture, says the 19-year-olds cousin Shareen Nawaz.

– It is pure madness. Is it really so easy to be a spy?

so far the egyptian authorities have not commented on the matter, but the british ministry of foreign affairs for Reuters confirmed the arrest of a briton in Egypt, but will not elaborate the matter further, as they do not comment on personsager.

– We are trying to get more information from the egyptian authorities as a result of the arrest of a british citizen in Alexandria. We also provides assistance to his family, says the ministry’s spokesman.

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Muhammad Fathi Abulkasems is, according to The Betticket Guardian the oldest of five siblings. He was born and raised in Manchester, but moved recently to Libya in north Africa with the rest of his family to care for an elderly relative.

He traveled to Egypt with an unnamed libyan friend to visit some mutual friends, and the two men had reportedly booked a hotel in Egypt, before the two set off.

They flew from Libya 20. november and landed in Egypt on the morning of 21. november. Muhammad has also never been in trouble with the authorities before, tells teenagerens mother, Imaan Rafiq.

– My Muhammad could not hurt a fly. He is soft as a bear and a very compassionate person. We will have it here stopped, in a boy’s life is destroyed.

the Family also says that they have hired a lawyer in Egypt who are working to get Mohammed released.

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however, It is not unusual that the egyptian authorities are clamping down on tourists who take pictures of military aircraft, buildings or the like.

Thus, warns the Ministry of foreign affairs in denmark, also when the danes to be extra cautious, when they find the camera forward in the middle eastern country.

‘You should not photograph or film the safety authorities, government buildings and military installations. It is a criminal offence in Egypt, and you risk to be arrested’, writes the foreign office in its travel advice for Egypt.

‘The same applies to negative or false statements about the government, the state or religion, f.ex. on the social media.’

’the Processing of your case through the courts can be lengthy and bureaucratic. You can risk that you must not travel out of the country before the matter is settled. The conditions in prisons can be very difficult’, continues the warning, as you can read in full here.

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