Gaël Monfils, who concluded his tour in the United States with a defeat in the second round of the US Open against Rublev (8th in the world) spoke for the American media UTS. “La Monf”, who has just celebrated her 37th birthday, is still motivated: “Whatever happens, I want to play until the 2024 Olympic Games and after that, my real goal would be to play until 40 years old. Be competitive up to 40 years”.

Father of a little girl recently, he nevertheless qualified his remarks: “I have two things that have changed a little, the arrival of my daughter. And then I injured my foot. It really calmed me down, you see. Because you have to do everything again, you have to come back and I was coming back when I hurt (my wrist) again.” And when talking about his daughter: “At the end, it’s stupid but I experienced privileged moments that I didn’t expect to have at that moment. You know, girl… These are the best times right now. I feel like when she’s a little older and can travel, it’ll be better for me and I’ll be able to play as long as I want. » In any case, he proved this summer that if his body leaves him alone, he can return to a very good level.