In more than two years, the security staff at the japanese art museum Onomichi fought against two real-world, hard-boiled malefactors, which is an old word for criminals. Their guilt lies in the fact that on a daily basis trying to climb out access to the gallery.

It writes The Guardian.

one of The two criminals being described as ‘black and fluffy’ and already tried to cheat access back in the summer of 2016, while the other is being described as ‘cute’ and with a more orange colour, first come to the subsequent.

There is not, however, talk about two completely normal indbrydere, but two “arthappy” cats, there has been nothing near the internet-celebrities, ago the museum began to Mottobet share pictures of indbrudsforsøgene on Twitter.

The most art-loving black cat has now been given the name of Ken-chan and have reportedly been good friends with the security guard, who usually takes the time to play with the cat, before he sends it away.

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– I think that Ken-chan got an eye on some of the exhibits through the window, and since some of the works included images of black cats, he thought, probably, that he had found a friend within, say museumskurator Shinji Umebayashi for the british media and continues:

And then he’s just been coming back since then.

The orange cat has been given the name Go-chan and never comes alone, but always together with Ken-chan.

– We’ve seen him in the area, so we think that he lives nearby, says the curator.

More pictures and video clips of the pelsede mammals have gone viral, which has led the museum with nearly 50,000 more followers to begin to sell souvenirs with the two cats.

According to The Guardian is souvenirerne however, so popular that the museum is struggling to keep up with.

See a number of photos and videos from the museum including:

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