Nolann Le Garrec (scrum half): “We were in difficulty in the first three games, but today we got back on track. We showed a good face and I hope we will use that to finish the Tournament well next week (against England in Lyon). I’m not a very stressed person but I was perhaps a little more tense than usual, I think that showed in the first five minutes.

Thomas Ramos (opener): “Beyond the score, it is above all the content and the complete match that we achieve which is pleasing. Despite two attempts that we take too quickly, too easily. I think we built our match the right way and we showed our true colors. This is what we were waiting for this evening. In the first half, we hit this defense a lot, I think we wore them out a little physically. Then the bench comes in and does some good. The overall fatigue means that, with our pack, we were able to take the lead. We put a little more commitment and more discipline. At the international level, that counts, there were also some first capes, that brings a lot of freshness. I hope it will continue…”

Julien Marchand (hooker): “At the end of the match, there was a big gasp. We were delighted, we were all very happy to win here today, it was very important for us. We didn’t come to have a non-match, we were keen to catch up. We are happy and proud of each other (…) During the week, we said to ourselves that we had to bring the game back to make the work of the three-quarters easier. We hadn’t helped them too much from the start.”

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