David Darricarrère, coach of three quarters of Castres after the 31-23 victory at home against Toulouse on Saturday for the 7th day of Top 14: “It’s a great victory but with forceps! We knew we had to respond to commitment and travel and we did it. We were ambitious in the game, as we asked and it’s very interesting. Indiscipline? Yes, it’s true that it could have cost us dearly, we let ourselves be carried away by our momentum. We need to have more control. It’s a good start to the season but the championship is long and we’re going to have to work harder.”

Nathanaël Hulleu (Castres winger): “We wanted to produce play, to play with the ball and we had fun. We benefited from the work of our forwards and we made things happen at the back. My first derby? As soon as I arrived I was told about this match, it’s an important event for the city and on the pitch, I got chills because we were so supported by the public. It’s something that gives you strength!”