Ugo Mola (Toulouse manager, beaten in Pau): “Basically, a lot of things are missing. The match almost never starts, neither on one side nor the other. There are some flashes but in the end not a team held the ball for more than three or four minutes of play without there being either faults or facts of play which, during the match, escape us too much to deserve better, despite the last possessions which are rather to our advantage with the energy a little of despair. But it’s clear that we lacked ammunition, intensity, speed in the game, too many things to come back victorious over Pau who played a match with energy and deserved their victory. We’re not rushed in the game, we’re not rushing them either, there’s not much happening and I’m not convinced that you had a great time tonight. Scoring 9 points away from home is insufficient considering our standards and what we are capable of doing. There are facts of the game that do not go in our favor but it’s not cruel tonight, it’s just normal and logical.