The end of the match between Perpigna and Clermont, counting for the 23rd day of Top 14, gave rise to excesses. The match referee, Jérémy Rozier, was targeted by some of the Catalan supporters, who made him guilty of their team’s defeat at Aimé-Giral (28-35). The man with the whistle had to be escorted by bodyguards as he left the field under an impressive bronca, some Usap supporters even tried to throw their beers at the referee, without reaching him.

This Wednesday, the LNR disciplinary committee sentenced Perpignan to a fine of 15,000 euros for “disorders caused by players, managers and/or the public of a club or clubs present” and more particularly for “ disturbances caused in the sports arena (introduction and/or use of any pyrotechnic devices or articles, any means of sound amplification, fight(s), throwing of object(s) on or off the field, etc.),” indicates the League in a press release.