French internationals Charles Ollivon, Gabin Villière and Jean-Baptiste Gros, eliminated in the quarter-finals of the 2023 World Cup, are in the Toulon group which will face Oyonnax on Sunday in the Top 14, announced Var manager Pierre Mignoni.

“They unanimously told me that they wanted to continue. Charles felt frustrated and he told me that he did not want to take vacation now,” Mignoni explained at a press conference on Friday.

“Some will go on vacation later, it will be a bit à la carte depending on the needs of the club and their physical and mental rest but they are not machines: they will not be able to play all the matches…,” he added.

Ollivon started in the third row during the Blues’ cruel defeat against the Springboks (26-25), in the quarter-finals, on October 15.

The pillar and the winger only played two matches during the World Cup, against New Zealand (27-13), in the opening, then Uruguay (27-12), on the 14th. september.

“I’m not happy that they came back so early, obviously,” said scrum-half Baptiste Serin.

“I know what they feel, they will need a phase of acceptance and I think it will be long given the terrible outcome they experienced. But resuming with Toulon so quickly, unconsciously, it will do them good, like finding the Mayol public again,” he continued.

The other World players, such as Brian Alainu’uese (Samoa), Duncan Paia’aua (Samoa), Jiuta Wainiqolo (Fiji) and Ben White (Scotland) could also play the match against Oyonnax.

The RCT is currently 10th in the Top 14, which resumes on Sunday after almost two months of break due to the World Cup.