Toulon manager Pierre Mignoni called for a meeting with his team’s supporters on Sunday following the victory against Racing 92, after they showed their discontent in the streets of the city and at the stadium. last week.

“I would like to invite to the Mayol stadium on Thursday evening the people who stuck stickers on the stadium. I would really like them to come, not to argue, but to communicate,” said the Var coach at a press conference, referring to stickers seen in the streets of Toulon and on the Mayol stadium asking in particular for resignation. of President Bernard Lemaitre and the return of Toulon identity.

“These people allow themselves to do that in this stadium. Felix-Mayol must be turning in his grave. I’ve never seen that at the club. I’m 47, I’ve never seen this! There are questions, questions, about the team and the club. I want to speak openly about various subjects. I want to share about their desires. I want to give real information.”

“We must stop disrespecting Bernard Lemaitre.”

The manager of the Var club then defended its president, Bernard Lemaitre. “For the “Resignation Management”, I feel concerned too. If I have to resign, I will leave without problem. When people hit me, it’s game on. I’m not afraid of getting fired. On the other hand, we must stop disrespecting Bernard Lemaitre. I know two people who invested personal money: Mourad Boudjellal and Bernard Lemaitre. It’s not because we put in the money that we deserve respect, but still. We must respect Mourad Boudjellal for what he did, we will always respect him. And we must respect Bernard Lemaitre. If there are people who want to put millions every month so that Bernard gives less, they are welcome…”

“There’s one thing I can’t stand, and that’s people’s anonymity. This is contrary to our club’s values ​​of courage and humility. I 100% share our RCT club identity. We have been doing the work for several months and I need support in these actions, particularly from volunteers. (…) I don’t want to be controversial. I don’t want to be Zorro. They come to face me, we will find solutions together. People have ideas that can be beneficial. We can work together,” he concluded.