The two PSG attackers brought down Roma (3-1) this Wednesday evening, during the 4th day of Group C in the Champions League. Marie-Antoinette Katoto and Tabitha Chawinga’s mission was to take the depth and enhance each opportunity. Mission accomplished. Elusive throughout the game, the Malawi international opened the scoring, against the run of play in the first period (28th), before the break goal signed by the French striker (67th), very strong this evening. Already decisive in the first leg at the Parc des Princes, Katoto has found the net in five of her last six matches. Her serious knee injury seems to be behind her for good.

If Paris leaves with the victory of the Italian capital, the Polish goalkeeper has a lot to do with it. With three crucial saves in the first half, the 32-year-old kept the Parisian ship afloat, despite an adductor scare on a foot clearance. Still impeccable on his line ahead of Serturini at 1-0, Kiedrzynek delivered a perfect copy on his line. This was necessary given the Roman domination during a large part of the meeting.


By suffering the events until the hour mark, PSG really put themselves in danger against a Roma team that was attractive in sequence. Jocelyn PrĂȘcheur’s players conceded 19 shots including 6 on target and did very well at the finish. Kiedrzynek saved the furniture in front of a defense that had been on a tightrope for a long time, like Elisa De Almeida and Sakina Karchaoui, who were warned as the break approached. Let us still note greater solidity at the end of the match, when the Romans marked time.

Trapped by the speed and efficiency of PSG, the teammates of Manuela Giugliano, captain who scored on a direct free kick, will have regrets. Since they dominated the entire first period without succeeding in achieving something, it was the fault of the bulwark Katarzyna Kiedrzynek. Symbol of the collective this evening, number 9 Valentina Giacinti struggled, putting Paris in difficulty with her activity but faltered in the last gesture. As a result, the Giallorossi find themselves last in Group C, two points behind PSG (2nd), who are carrying out a formidable operation before the last two days scheduled for the end of January (against Ajax then Bayern Munich).