Mathilde Gros in sprint and Benjamin Thomas in endurance will be the leaders of the French team for the World Track Cycling Championships from August 3 to 9 in Glasgow, announced Florian Rousseau, director of the Olympic program on Sunday.

There are no surprises in the list for the last big meeting before the Paris 2024 Olympic Games where the French will want to shine on the Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines velodrome, the city of departure on Sunday for the last stage of the Tour de France.

On this same track, France had finished in October third nation in the medal table of the Worlds-2022 with seven charms, including three in gold, by Mathilde Gros, in individual speed, Marie-Divine Kouamé, on 500 m, and the duo Benjamin Thomas and Donavan Grondin in the American.

For the first time in history, the World Championships will take place in an expanded format this summer. Dispersed as usual, the disciplines of cycling, mountain biking on the road via the track, BMX and disabled sports will thus be brought together in the same place and on the same dates, from August 3 to 13 in Scotland. These “Super Worlds” will now take place every four years, in the pre-Olympic year. In 2027, they will be organized in Haute-Savoie in an even larger format (19 disciplines).

The selection of the French track team


Team pursuit: Thomas Denis, Corentin Ermenault, Quentin Lafargue, Valentin Tabellion, Benjamin Thomas

Individual pursuit: Corentin Ermenault

Scratch: Donavan Grondin

Elimination: Donavan Grondin

Points race: Donavan Grondin

Of all: Benjamin Thomas

American: Benjamin Thomas, Thomas Boudat


Team Sprint: Florian Grengbo, Sébastien Vigier, Rayan Hélal

Sprint: Rayan Helal, Sebastien Vigier

Keirin men: Sebastien Vigier

Kilometer: Melvin Landerneau


Team pursuit: Victoire Berteau, Marion Borras, Clara Copponi, Valentine Fortin, Marie Le Net

Individual Pursuit: Marion Borras

Scratch: Clara Copponi

Elimination: Valentine Fortin

Points race: Marion Borras or Marie Le Net

Of all: Valentine Fortin

American: Victoire Berteau, Clara Copponi


Team Sprint: Mathilde Gros, Marie-Divine Kouamé, Julie Michaux

Individual Sprint: Mathilde Gros, Marie-Divine Kouamé, Julie Michaux

Keirin: Mathilde Gros, Marie-Divine Kouame

500m: Marie-Divine Kouame, Julie Michaux