The american presidential campaign does not beat its full that the internet giants are already taken. The american president Donald Trump is looking to launch a commission of inquiry into suspicions of censorship and bias antirépublicain, according to the Wall Street Journal. “The party took left the world of technology is a topic that should be investigated, and exposed to the eyes of the public so that Americans have clear eyes on what we have in the case”, said an official from the White House to the financial daily.

last week, Donald Trump had drawn a tweet in this sense, brocardant the Gafa. “The radical left is in control of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google,” he writes, and specifying that he had to “find a remedy to this state of being illegal”. The form of this inquiry is not yet defined. It could be a commission to the hand of the white House. The chair may also encourage the Commission of the communications or the one in charge of elections to initiate investigations.

platforms and social networks attacked were all swept these assertions of a reverse of hand. “We apply our regulations in the same way for everyone,” replied including Twitter. The micro-blogging website, has recently removed a tweet of a close friend of the american president in the framework of its policy to fight against the misinformation.

the charges against The social networks Рjust like the media in general Рare case common in conservative circles. Last summer, the white House had organized a summit on the subject of their bias supposed to prod̩mocrates. Donald Trump had considered several options, including the use of federal agencies, before giving up this project to criticism from associations pro-civil liberties.

The electoral base of the president, she, enjoys these threats, because she is already convinced of the guilt of social networks. Not less than 64% of the supporters are republicans who think that they are biased in favor of democrats, according to a poll by the Pew Research Center in 2018. They hold also a few examples. The account of the director of the cabinet of Donald Trump had been “hidden” in part (“shadow banning”) by Twitter in 2018 (well before, therefore, its entry into function). But it was because he had regularly interacted with Twitter accounts banned by the social network to non-compliance with the rules.

A prospective committee deemed “political”

The observers believe that the presidential election approaching, the president could finally act. They criticize already “a future committee investigation policy to see if social networks have bias, etc. policies”, as the tackle an entrepreneur in the tech on Twitter. The figure of the persecuted, however, could be used to mobilize the electoral base of Donald Trump. Even as the president-in-office mania much better social networks than its competitor, democrat Joe Biden.