‘just Imagine to have so little respect for the millions of people who were murdered during the Holocaust, you think that such a picture is appropriate. She is a humiliation for mankind’.

this is just one of the many comments that the british trussemodel Rhian Sugden has got to be one of his Instagram pictures from a holiday in the German capital.

It writes Fox News.

Though the british model is usually acclaimed for his pictures, is she namely the country in a true shitstorm, when she during a visit to ’the Memorial for Europe’s murdered jews’ in Berlin, chose to take a selfie and share it with the text: ‘E. T. phone home’, as her hood on selfien got her to remember Spielberg’s science fiction movie from 1982.

(the Article continues under the picture)

‘Would you take a selfie at a funeral and share it on Instagram’, asks one follows the rhetorical and continues:

‘There is a time and a place for that sort of thing. If you find yourself at a memorial, it is time to reflect and not to take selfier. It is disrespectful’.

‘Silly ‘duck face’ at a Holocaust memorial? Limanbet The Narcissist’, writes another.

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Rhian Sugden tried at first to defend his image by saying that those who didn’t like her picture, could stop following her.

– I have no time for it here first-generation. I’m on vacation. I was on sightseeing and took a picture. It is in no way disrespectful, wrote the model, according to the american media and continued:

– Everyone who was there, took a picture or a selfie. Smiling I? Laughing I? No.

Although it is normally so popular trussemodel subsequently chose to change his E. T.-hashtag ‘#sightseeing#museum#Berlin’, so she is still not agree with the criticism of the image, which actually has led, that she has received death threats.

On Twitter she has shared a screenshot of a Daily Mail article on the matter, which she calls ’the madness’.

– It is pure madness. I shared a picture of me on a sightseeing tour in Berlin, took a picture at a memorial and commented that I looked like E. T., the Criticism of me was insane, she writes and continue:

– I am actually devastated that people call me disrespectful. I’m really not, and that this turns into a case is not fair.

You can see Twitter the advertisement including:

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