Opposed to Djokovic in the final of the US Open on the night of Sunday to Monday, Medvedev was no match. Defeated in three sets, he spoke on the court after the match, amazed by the level still displayed by the Serb: “First of all, I want to ask Novak: What are you still doing here? ‘ All joking aside, I don’t know when you plan to slow down a bit, but we’ll definitely see each other again.” Aside from the touch of humor, he also said he was impressed by the career of his opponent: “I thought I had a great career with 20 titles, but you have 24 Grand Slam tournaments.”

Despite the defeat, Medvedev showed himself to be very mature in this post-match speech: “I hope we can continue to fight. It’s great, I can say I won a final against Novak, but I played five against him and Rafa and I only won one, I don’t know if that’s good or bad. It pushes me to be better. » The two men will, in fact, probably meet again on the courts.