Successful start for the volleyball Blues. Opposed to Bulgaria, the French volleyball team began its Nations League campaign with a large victory (25-21, 29-27, 25-14) on Tuesday in Antalya (Turkey). The Blues, who are aiming for the final phase of a competition (reserved for the eight best in the first round) to launch them towards the Olympic Games, were able to allow themselves some inaccuracies at the start of the rally against a young opponent who offered them a lot of points.

To remember on the positive side, the performance of the sharp Jean Patry (12 pts), best scorer of the match and valuable in attack as well as on the counter (3 pts). A sector which was generally satisfactory and allowed the second set to be won, with two points scored (by Patry then Nicolas Le Goff) to obtain a set point, the second having been converted.

Earvin Ngapeth was little used in attack but solid in reception, where he made some spectacular saves, such as during a rally won at the start of the second set giving the Blues four units in advance (7-3). Their program will then get tougher with Slovenia (Thursday), who deprived them of bronze at Euro 2023, then the United States (Friday), candidates for the Olympic podium, before concluding this first stage against the Turkish host, SATURDAY.