As a preamble to the Rugby World Cup, Emmanuel Macron gave a long interview to our colleagues from L’Équipe. He obviously returned to the controversy surrounding Bastien Chalureau. The second line of the XV of France was convicted of racist aggression in November 2020. If he admitted the acts of violence, he always denied the racist nature.

“It is Fabien Galthié who is in charge of the sporting choice, so his choice is necessarily the right one for the team, insists the president who maintains the remarks he made this Monday during his meeting with the Blues . Fabien knows what he (Chalureau) can bring to the French fifteen, his chemistry with the other players. Even more so from where I am, I will not comment on an ongoing affair. Justice must be able to rule in its own time, with complete peace of mind. The presumption of innocence and the right to appeal exist. They are constitutionally guaranteed for all citizens.”

What if, when the appeal is rendered on November 14, 2023, the verdict is confirmed? “I am not doing justice fiction,” replied the President of the Republic. But if there are convictions on serious, established facts, which affect the cohesion of the nation, yes, that would be preferable.”