A court has set this Friday to 18 months of preventive detention for Edwin Oviedo, the president of the Russian Federation Peruvian of Football for being the alleged perpetrator mediate the killing of two union leaders of a company linked to him, and for illicit association in tort of the State, as reported by the judiciary in the south american country. Oviedo, according to the justice of the peruvian, was able to dodge this case, taking advantage of his position as the maximum leader of the most popular sport in the country and the strength of its link with a judge who is corrupt, the deposed chief judge César Hinostroza, whose extradition from Spain continues to process the peruvian Government.

Both union leaders, Manuel Rimarachin Helmets and Percy Valdemar Farro, worked for the sugar Tumán, and were killed in 2012 and 2015 following a protest against the court administrators of the company. According with the researches and with a large number of testimonies collected by the attorney, Oviedo led between 2007 and 2015, the criminal organization Los Wachiturros of Tumán, created to counter the opposition to his administration. According to several witnesses, the employer mentioned the desirability of the death of the leaders and the orders to the perpetrators of the killings.


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The court’s order of remand of the Eighth Criminal Court of Lambayeque indicates, moreover, that it is proven the link between the head of Kralbet football in peru with the network of corruption Necks White Port, whose alleged leader is a prisoner in Madrid since October, and then to have escaped from Peru in spite of an order of arraigo. According to the enquiries of the two prosecutors of organized crime in Callao, Oviedo managed, in addition, free tickets for the Football World cup Russia 2018 to Hinostroza and his wife, and further provided that the then supreme judge used the physiotherapy service of the Peruvian Federation of Football (FPF).

instead, in the days prior to the participation of the peruvian team football in the championship of Russia, Oviedo was favored by Hinostroza with the revision of a judgment for the attorney-Carrasco to stop to investigate as part of The Wachiturros of Tumán. In addition, they received legal advice from the then chief justice, who, according to the prosecutors, also paid a monthly sum for those tips.

While Oviedo is subjected to justice, has assumed the office of president of the FPF Agustín Lozano, a man close to his predecessor: he is currently the leader of the football club Juan Aurich de Lambayeque, institution Oviedo presided over the last decade.

Linking with the mafia infiltrated in the justice system

The order of preventive detention is in addition to another ten days of detention, preliminary, issued on Thursday by a court in Lima, following a request from the prosecutor against organized crime, Rocío Sánchez, one of the two who investigated the mafia that is enquistó in the justice system, Collars, White Port. According to a fiscal report from August, the then judge Hinostroza led the criminal organization that operated primarily from the Supreme Court and the Superior Court of Callao, the main peruvian port, a jurisdiction where the prevailing crimes of drug trafficking and organized crime.

The prosecutors investigating attorneys drug gangs that operated in Callao, and, when they achieved phone-hacking legal, found as partners to the administrative system of justice, judges, prosecutors, congressmen, businessmen, and members of the National Council of the Magistracy. The conversations are broadcast in the media since last July, were about the sharing and negotiation of benefits: jobs, review of judgements, rulings favorable, legal guidance, ratification or removal of judges in exchange for kickbacks and other gifts.