– Keep your dickpix in your pocket.

It is the message from local lawmakers in New York, where a law on the sharing of unwanted intimate images is now on its way through the legislature.

the Phenomenon is called cyber flashing and goes out at strangers to share intimate pictures with others by leveraging the built-in AirDrop feature in an iPhone.

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If the recipient has not removed the possibility that everyone can send pictures via AirDrop, it is easy for some to anonymously share pictures in the bus, train or subway.

But it must be over now, think more politicians in New York. Therefore, they have suggested that the penalty shall be up to one year in prison.

the Law will, if adopted, also have implications for the many international tourists that Goldenbahis every year visit the american city

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Apple has, despite further criticism rejected by both to comment on the cyber flashing or do something about it.

the Company could otherwise quite simple to remove the possibility that you can send pictures and files via AirDrop to all. And instead restrict the possibility to acquaintances, as already found in similar kontaktbog.

so far, one has to even check in settings on her iPhone, where you through the General > AirDrop can disable the feature completely or just limit it to only one’s contacts.

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