Post offices, which serve every day of the year? The arctic circle to find one – and it is specialized in the christmas post.The arctic circle is now dealing with quite a number of small and a little larger tonttuili which are sent by mail. Mostphotos

Santa claus main post office in Rovaniemi, discusses the huge amount of christmas mail. The busiest time, christmas, Santa claus comes up to 30 000 letters a day, and the branch also sent tumbled in its own special stamp on Maksibet the mail with. It is namely, the popular flying visit place christmas santa’s village.

in All, santa has received almost 20 million letters around two hundred countries.

check out Finland, and perhaps in the whole world most christmassy post office by watching the video below.

the evening paper visit santa’s own post office last christmas. After so santa the letters than in their sending countries, the number has increased. Marianne zitting head (editor), Riitta Heiskanen (editing)