The british parliament’s politicians have long tried to get access to documents from Facebook, which is stamped secret in the UNITED states. But thanks to a tactical snigmanøvre it is now managed for the parliament’s politicians to get an insight in the documents.

And now reveal the documents, that the people behind Facebook already back in 2014 were warned that Russian IP addresses pulled three billion data out on the day of the social media users.

It writes Business Insider Nordic.

It was an engineer from Facebook who came up with the warning four years ago. He did the people behind the social network are aware that Russian IP addresses used data from the app Pinterest to draw three billion data out of Facebook’s users on the day.

An API is a software interface, which allows a piece of software to interact with a different piece of software. In other words, we allow the Pinterest app to share data with Facebook, and the other way around.

It was through this API, that Russian IP addresses allegedly pulled the large amounts of data. Facebook chose to investigate the matter, when the engineer made the company aware of the potential datalæk.

Facebook says to Ekstra Bladet, the internal studies on the potential datalæk subsequently showed that the API was not shared information to Russian IP addresses. The many calls which was on the API for Facebook came from the Pinterest app, which had legal access, and not from Russian IP addresses.

The british parliament has long been trying to get Facebook’s ceo, Mark Zuckerberg, illegal bahis to make a statement to parliament in connection with the Cambridge Analytica case from earlier in the year.

Mark Zuckerberg has refused to travel to London to give evidence and has instead sent his vice-president for political solutions, Richard Allan, in his place.

Therefore, it was also Richard Allan, who today had to answer questions in parliament from the british politician Damian Collins.

– it Was reported, or was it just held, as it often happens, in the family, as something you are not talking about, asked Collins, the representative from Facebook about what you did from the company side with the reported information.

Richard Allan refused to answer how the people behind the social network chose to handle the warning from their own developer.

Damian Collins asked further Richard Allan to get more information about the e-mail, which the developer had sent to management on datalækket.

Technology – 25. oct. 2018 – at. 15:12 Requirements: the UNION must delve into Facebook after the big datalæk

It is limited information, the public has gained access to the secret Facebook documents. The documents are stamped as secret from the court in California, but they can be published by the british parliament.

The british authorities have, however, right now no plans to disclose the documents to the public. But whether it will happen in the future, politicians will not deny, says Damian Collins.

the Facebook comment that it was not the russians, who had pulled the data out, is now added.

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