The mountains embrace located in Teror is a place to explore the popular tourist islands of traditional.This city is color! Many of the houses are painted in bright tones. MOSTPHOTOS

the Narrow road meanders along the mountain slopes. Immediately next to it begin a huge drop down. We are travelling less than 20 kilometres from Las Palmas located in Teroriin, village or rather small town, which belongs to the tourists and local pilgrims after all the mandatory items list. Although distance in kilometres, measured long not, take it to the bend due to a long time. The mountain scenery is however worth.

the pine tree appeared for Maria dedicated to the church is an important pilgrimage site. MOSTPHOTOS

Teroria can call Gran Canaria a spiritual capital, for there lies the island’s patron saint declared for the Virgin dedicated to the church, the Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pino. According to legend, the local shepherds are experiencing the miracle and saw Mary in a pine tree. The pine trees of the Madonna celebrated every year 8. September, and to celebrate, the pilgrims journeyed from the bottom of the Las Palmas up the mountain Teroriin. The trip takes a few hours, the hiker’s pace and depending on the condition.

Traditional architecture with wooden balconies are typical features of teror old house. Often they are also decorated with lush floral plantings. MOSTPHOTOS

pine trees of Madonna and his church, thanks to the Terorissa is enough for the visitors, who have brought small town money. This is reflected well in its historic old town, whose narrow streets are side by side one another prettier old houses. They represent the traditional canarian architecture with thick Betmatik window luukkuineen and abundance of flowerbeds adorn with with wooden parvekkeineen.

the church bordering the square, cafés and restaurants attract to drop by. MARIANNE zitting head

One of the city’s main attractions is the Maria dedicated to the church, surrounded by a square of teror, the most important meeting places. Its cafes and restaurants invite to sit down, stay and discuss. The downtown streets are calm in the car, so the area is nice and safe around. Visit Terorissa takes milieu, which is far from the coastal tourist destinations.

of mineral water and local delicacies teroristi found a great little restaurant. Taste like heard, say, a grilled cheese pumpkin compotes with? MARIANNE zitting head

Also the landscape is completely different than the coast, because the mountains nature is clearly greener. Along the way to appear a lot of farms and crops. Agricultural products in addition to tero cross will be mineral water, served bottled up the whole of Gran Canaria.

villages of teror from small boutiques to find the fun souvenirs. MARIANNE zitting head

Teror include travel agencies, tour a selection of your favorite destinations, and it will attract also independent guests. For the tourists the village streets, you’ll find more souvenir shops, cafes and traditional canarian food in specialized restaurants. Meat and vegetarian dishes is available as well, fish food lovers supply is better on the coast. Sunday Terorissa held the market, which can acquire a variety of local producers of delicacies as souvenirs. Take home can get, say, a sausage or a nun-made sweets.

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