It is not much, Danish håndboldfans will remember EM in western christianity and most in 2008. Jan Pytlicks crew was under reconstruction and did not draw much attention to itself.

at Least one player, however, has a special relationship to the tournament in Macedonia, where Denmark ended on a anonymous 11.-space.

In Pytlicks squad found a just 17-year-old playmakertalent from Team Esbjerg, as against Hungary, Spain and Norway got its first three slutrundekampe.

the Name is Lotte Grigel. Ten years later, she is still part of the team that uses december on to play the finals in landsholdstrøjen.

All teammates are new. National coach is new. The acting is new. Grigel is still there.

But even if she as a 27-year-old is in it, you usually call the best håndboldalder, the boldbegavede spilstyrer spent the vast majority of the first four matches in the dugout.

6 minutes and 33 seconds of playing time, shows the official statistics. Least of all in the Danish squad. The other day against France, she came only on the pitch to take two penalties.

For a player with well over ten landsholdsår and almost 100 games behind him, it requires a certain habituation.

– It is a challenge in itself. For me it’s about to be focused on it, I can do something about.

– It is a good mental Kolaybet exercise, that I keep myself up and say: “If I get the chance, I am 100 percent ready.” I will keep calm and focus on the positive, to be of place, says Lotte Grigel.

she has been parked among the reserves, not, however, Grigel to revolt or send poison and bile after the national coach.

She states that she is not sitting on the bench with “a fucking-sense”.

– My task is to create calm and get set the game up properly, if I get on the track. This is it, I have to stick to.

– After the EM must I then do an evaluation with myself about what I need to do better, that the situation is changing. But it will only be for the championship, she says.

And even if the playing time of this time has been greatly limited, the first ten days in Nantes has been a good experience.

– It is always cool to be with the national team. My role has of course been different, but it is that community that one experiences when one is off, it is something for themselves. I think it’s never really, I get tired of, says Lotte Grigel.

The Danish european championship team on the field again on Monday, where the opponent will be Russia.

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