There are literally idiot on the back of numerous broadband customers.

in Order to believe a fresh study from the uk consumers ‘ association Which?, can the broadband roughly be divided in two: Those that just gets stuck in for years. And those who without batting an eyelid frequently change and even more often checking the price of their broadband.

When have you last changed bredbåndsudbyder? During the six months since the at Least a year ago More than two years ago I Can’t remember I do not pay for broadband

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When have you last changed bredbåndsudbyder? 12% Less than six months ago 13% at Least a year ago, 49% More than two years ago 19% I Can’t remember 8% I do not pay for broadband

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72 percent of those who participated in the study, says that they have paid for the same bredbåndspakke in more than two years.

Hence they are in imminent danger of a year to pay up to 1800 dollars too much, when you compare with them, which switches the company or demand a better price when they have the opportunity.

– Customers would be outraged if they discovered that they are being ripped off for being loyal, says Alex Neill, from Which? The Guardian.

– They would even be able to get much faster connections at a cheaper price.

There is faster internet on the Betpark way to many homes. But what does it mean for you? Get the answer here. Video: Ekstra Bladet

5 tips on broadband

1 Check out both the price and the speed of your broadband at least once every six years

2 If you have the option to switch to a cheaper subscription, request to get the lower price from your current company.

3 Reject the company to provide the discount, then change immediately.

4 Remember also that your speed may be too bad for the price.

5 Use the portals as Samlino and the Consumer council Think to find the best and cheapest providers

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naturally, the Explanation is that new customers benefit from the numerous offers which bredbåndsselskaberne stanger in the hope of getting more in the store.

And, apparently, works the strategy excellent for anyone other than the customers. The companies hope also that the new customers forgetting to check when there are cheaper deals.

The deals get loyal existing customers too rarely share in.

Check out the speed: How to make it right

There are a number of online services you can use to measure the speed with. For example, or Yousee’s speedometer.

It is a good idea to make your measurement with different speedometers, and much preferably several times over a day.

If you want to measure the speed of your broadband connection properly, it requires that you connect your computer directly to your internet router with an ethernet cable. Do you measure the sole from your mobile phone or tablet, the result shows only, how fast the connection is via wi-fi.

You need to turn off the wireless connection on your computer and on the router when you are measuring with the cable.

If you can’t figure out how to turn the wireless connection on the router, it is extra important that all the devices that have wireless connection to the router, disable it while you are measuring.

do you Have any other devices than the computer connected to the router, the power cord to the these also be taken out while you are testing.

in Order to get as accurate a measurement as possible, you should close all programs such as antivirus, firewalls and services like Facebook, which you use in your computer’s browser.

Remember to turn off important programs, when you are finished with measuring.