It must be the end to force the Danish consumers to be in the queue in front of a shop or wait patiently for late night at the computer in order to be allowed to buy a cheap computer, flat screen or other goods.

It takes Paulius Vegele, who stands behind a brand new portal called

With the hope the CBSuddannede entrepreneur, to the game on prices can be reversed, so that, on the contrary the companies, which offers to the customers.

– We go after to get a greater transparency in prices by letting companies bid on the products that consumers are interested in buying, says Paulius Vegele on the portal.

– this Method uses the companies already in the day, when they download the prices of home goods, which they will sell in the stores.

– So why should consumers not Akcebet have the same opportunity?.

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At the Consumer Think take positively against the idea behind the new portal.

– It is refreshing to try to see things in a different way. Whether it is the solution, do the time then present, says chief economist Martin Salamon.

– Measures that make it easier for the consumers to be active in the market, so they can have a greater influence on what to buy for what prices, are always interesting, he thinks.

so far the big elektronikkæder given Paulius Vegele and his new portal the cold shoulder. But it has only sharpened his interest to create a whole new way to trade on the. Photo: Olivia Loftlund

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so far the business, however, not stood in the queue to be a part of the portal.

But the hope Paulius Vegele change when more consumers become aware of the power they actually have.

– This is a movement to attempt to change the way we operate. Surely it should be the stores, which use the energy to serve us as customers.

– But of course, we must be many, who will act in this manner, in order to succeed, he says.

And yes, it is inconvenient and takes time before people discover that they have a købemagt and not only purchasing power.

More than the price

A purchase are other things than just the price, believes Paulius Vegele. It can be the guarantee, the terms of delivery or perhaps the way that the product is produced.

this is Why it is also some of the requirements that the buyers can ask on the new prisportal.

Only to be many more, for example, electronics will be pushed to be with.

– There have been examples of an industry is not always interested in getting in the open bid prices.

– But it may well be possible to gather so many consumers, an industry that still goes in a portal, assess Martin Salamon.

– It just needs to be an interest from both sides. Either because there is nothing to download for both parties. Or because as a company know that you have to be with the here.

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