Canova and Rosati, two old cafes to the other side of the piazza del Popolo, saw dinner at Federico Fellini or Pier Paolo Pasolini and were the scene of the dolce vita romana. The Saturday morning were full of little flags regional of Lombardy and Veneto with slogans and xenophobic. “First the italians”. “What a horror!”, release of side a neighbor of the street Ripetta. Not so long ago, the armies of the old Northern League, the barbarians, as they knew here by their modes tabernarios in the Parliament, only traveled to Rome when they were passing through. But the sabbath, to the skirt of the elegant Villa Borghese, came hordes of militants of the League in coaches and trains to celebrate its leader, Matteo Salvini. “It’s only one Capitano!”, shouting and profane the great myth of football of the city. A mise-en-scene designed to show the muscle of the party that governs Italy with the Movement 5 Stars and, according to the polls, today could already do so alone. Salvini, however, he promised that you will not fall to the Government.

The square was the scene a year ago of a demonstration of the left against fascism. Did not come even close to the 80,000 people on Saturday. The street is today, with Salvini, the leader more valued, with a 64% support (compared to 16% of Matteo Renzi), who took the stage with a sweatshirt of the police. The playwright (an act of propaganda organised by one of the parties that governs), and the speech, with echoes mussolinianos [share catch phrases such as “io tiro dritto” or “me ne frego”], run deep.


A squall populist-barre-one was in Italy populism governs Italy Salvini, galloping into chaos

Salvini, the day that an avalanche in a nightclub in Ancona and led to the death of 5 children and an adult, is the star of a rally that began with a minute of silence. Their lieutenants deployed a mix of trumpismo mediterranean with the old ways of the party, secessionist that a day was Betpas the Northern League. Difficult to bury that essence. There is Erika Stefani, the minister of Regional Affairs, which reminded the regions that cannot give up the autonomy. And then wave high the flags of Padania, Scotland and also a huge estelada Catalan accompanying Salvini at all the big rallies. The League, at least in that, it is not Vox. “I still believe in the independence of the Padania. But we are with Matteo and if he thinks that is a good strategy, go ahead,” says Roberta Leti, a lady of 53 years come to Bergamo by bus with her husband and voter of the first hour of the party secessionist.

When it comes Salvini, sounds like the Nessun dorma of Giacomo Puccini. He stays three minutes with the hand on the heart while the people korea excited his name and yells out “Vincerò” to the tune of the famous aria. The leader of the League has figured better than any other politician in Italy the sign of the times. His speech, as cross as disjointed, talks about the effects of globalization, “the real problems of the people”, the quality of Italian products vs. “the asquerosidades that come from outside,” that fucking gorrilla that we claim the two euros in exchange for not rajarnos car wheels, a lowering of taxes, of our sacred traditions and the right to beat a throw to someone in the home at three in the morning. Because Salvini is not in favor of guns, he says. But “The house is sacred!”, screams.

Went up to the stage, the governors of Lombardy and Veneto, the richest regions; they spoke the ministers of the Family, Lorenzo Fontana, and of Agriculture, Gian Marco Centinaio. It is advisable to have children, form families, of fathers and mothers. “Today we have good news for you, we have held in New York that the UN equate our great products like the Parma ham to the tobacco”, launches Centinaio with his usual national program-food. The last time his party was gathered in the square did not reach the 5% of votes. Today is preparing to govern alone Italy and transform Europe.