The Government quadripartite belgian is now history. The belgian prime minister, the liberal francophone Charles Michel, will meet this Sunday with the King to tell him the recomposition of his cabinet following the departure of the flemish nationalist N-VA. These he threw on Saturday night with an ultimatum: if Michel went to Marrakech for signing off on this Monday the migratory agreement of the UN on behalf of Belgium I would abandon his support. Almost immediately, Michel saved them the wait. Replied the mule without moving an iota of his position: he confirmed that he will travel to Morocco and announced that it will replace the flemish nationalist of his cabinet to form a new Executive in a minority. “The N-VA has left the Government and the majority Swedish,” he said Saturday. In Belgium it is known to the coalition still in Government with the nickname of Swedish because of its similarity with the flag of a nordic country: the liberal French-speaking and flemish are identified with the color blue, the flemish nationalist with the yellow, and the cross put the christian democrats.

The crisis of Government has been brewing for days, but it has been precipitated in a matter of minutes. At eight in the evening has begun with the council of ministers extraordinary that I had to solve the differences between the nationalists and their partners. The only answer that was to the separatists was the commitment not to travel to Morocco to sign the immigration agreement. Michel has been denied in the round. The nationalists have abandoned then the council of ministers when it had passed only half an hour from your home, and have summoned the media to make public his anger. Before the press, the president of N-VA, Bart de Wever, was the Executive with the artificial respirator. “This Government still exists, but the prime minister will take off as a prime minister of the coalition Swedish and will land as the first minister of the coalition Marrakech”, he warned. Michel has not waited for their partners to give the slam. He thanked his fellow travelers the services rendered and was determined to continue to lead the country without them.

there is Nothing to guarantee that it can continue to do so long time. The fragmentation is noticeable on Retrobet the political scene in belgium. The N-VA is the party with the most votes in the country with 20.3% of the vote, while the party of the prime minister, the reform Movement, won only 9.6% of the votes. The schedule plays to their favor. The next appointment with the ballot box is just around the corner, specifically on the 26th of may, the same day of the elections in europe, but the extreme fragility in which will be the Executive of the consummation of the rupture, it can’t rule out a breakthrough.

In its clash with the N-VA, Michel has the support of a broad majority in the belgian Parliament. Meps voted this week in favor of validating the covenant of the United Nations. The agreement sets 23 goals for a migration is safe, orderly and regulated. Among them the fight against the mafias who traffic in human beings, the defense of the rights of migrant workers, the commitment to a greater integration or a change of narrative about the migration towards a more positive approach. Its content is not legally binding, but the parties anti-immigration have turned their approval in a field of battle. The separatist flemish have been aligned in their refusal with other EU countries such as Hungary, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bulgaria, that don’t think to validate it. Outside of the community map, the united States, Israel and Australia have also been unchecked.

The movement coincides with the presence in Brussels of the leader of Reunification National, Marine Le Pen, and the former director of campaign of Donald Trump, Steve Bannon. Both have participated in an act to ask for the unity of the right wing european and have been attacked with virulence the covenant promoted by the UN. Your host in the belgian capital has been the Vlaams Belang, a party of the extreme right homophobic and overtly racist, which was refounded in 2004 after the banning of its predecessor, the Vlaams Blok.

After the threat of the flemish nationalist can hide electoral calculations. The N-VA has been represented in theory a right to be more moderate than the Vlaams Belang, although its responsible for Migration, Théo Francken, a part of the hard core anti-immigrant in Europe, and has admitted that some of its policies are inspired by the ideology of the Vlaams Belang. The fear that any assignment will be exploited by the extremists to capitalize on the rejection of the immigrant is on the table after its advancement in the last municipal elections.

The complex architecture of the Government, also nicknamed coalition kamikaze by the disparity ideological of its members, could die on the shore, just a few months from the election date, after having survived more than four years of legislature, against all odds.