What is Dub?
Dub is a style of Reggae that was originally created on the mixer: producers make use of already well-established Live tracks, and orchestrate these new, mostly with Echo and reverb effects.

Dub Spencer & Trance Hill is a four-piece Band.
We try to generate these Aesthetics to live with our instruments, with our Munich-based sound engineer Umberto Echo support, giving from the mixer to the Sound an extra Dimension. Here, we remain of the Ur-intention of the style faithful. Dub dance music: The Groove is the centre, the Bass is the heart.

“We have the angel-melodies shifted downwards in the bass voice.”Julian Dillier, Drummer

Now you be baptized in the Moods a Christmas album – on Songs like “silent night” and “Jingle Bells”. Why?
Us was attracted to the idea to put Christmas songs in a danceable Dub-robe. So, we have developed for each piece of a concept and editing: From major to minor get the tunes were chopped up rhythmically, the angel-melodies-down in the bass voice Betpas added. Amazing how just the Latter are suitable for Dancing, and trances, when played in Repetition.

What is the place of the plate in the Dub Spencer&Trance Hill-history? It is a Special or a stand-alone Album?
“Christmas in Dub” is a full-fledged Dub Spencer&Trance Hill-the Album – even, dare I say, that it is among the Top three of our previous publications.

the sound of “Jingle Bells” in 2018: “Jingle Bells Dub”. Video: YouTube/dubspencer96

so also with you on Christmas eve?
of Course. The kids love it.

The Album is not just a crude marketing trick to Christmas?
no, we can’t find. Marketing and Dub are two words that get along so heavy as Christmas, and Dub or Spotify and earn money. We have been urged or mandated to make this Album, but just had fun on this fun idea. To our knowledge, this is also a world novelty: a pure Christmas-plate of a Dub Band, which also fits in the summer.

Sa — 20.30
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