There are rarely many emotions in testing new technology and gadgets. But HP Tango, as the Extra Leaf in recent weeks has tested, is the exception that breaks with all the habits.

For what delight it is to again obtain a physical picture in your hand.

It sounds trite, but in a world where everything is done digitally, and we share images with each other in the network’s many nooks and crannies, so it is not only refreshing, but creates close to such a rapture to be able to print out private memories.

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During our testing we decided to put the printer in the heart of the editorial board. Here could be interested then show up with their cell phone download HP’s easily understandable app and print.

Just as easy the app is to understand, just as easy as that to get in touch with the printer and get it to spit images out.

Here is no usbledninger to be connected, or drivers that must be downloaded. At the same time, have you with few clicks access to print all of your images from your mobile or tablet.

And the printer, as it managed to connect on the guest network, responds immediately when the image is transferred via the wi-fi connection.

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It takes less than a minute to print a standard image. It happens silently in the printer, that can take up to A4 sizes.

There sits two color cartridges in the device. A is black, while the other stands for the colors. And the picture quality is absolutely approved.

We are not talking about højglansbilleder in the top quality, you can buy from a professional company. But to refrigerators and bulletin boards, where our many testprint now sits, is the quality plenty.

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There is a sea of printers on the market, but several things speak that the HP Tango deserves a chance. It is elegantly built and can be purchased with a designed cover, covering the printer when not in use. So called model just Tango X.

But it draws particularly, the device is so easy and efficient to use, as it was during our testing. It is good in a world where printers in homes are the cause of many oaths and curses.

That you even get a gadget that can get the adults to smile at seeing it again with the printed image, is just an extra bonus.

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