Usually banks he alone his fingers over the guitar strings, but rockstjernen Brian May from Queen has now had enough of the Apple and instead thrown himself over the keys.

In a lookup, which right now has more than 5000 comments, criticizing the u.s. techgigant to remove the key connector – for example, the normal USB connector and SD card reader – from the latest Macs, and forcing customers instead to buy fragile adapters.

‘This is one of the reasons why my love for Apple turns into hatred.’

‘We are forced to use the damn USB-C adapters all places. The consequence is that we need to lug around a bag filled with annoying adapters, throw out all our old ladekabler out and spend tons of money on new ones.’

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This is one of the reasons my love for Apple is turning two hatred. Now we’re forced into using these damn USB-C connectors for everything. It means we have to carry around a bagful of pesky adaptors, we have to throw away ALL our old charging leads, and spend tons of money on new ones, and if something tugs in the wire it does NOT harmlessly fall out like the Mag Safe plugs we all got so used to (the genius). And if one of these things is plugged into the left hand side and we roll the computer to the left to insert in into the right hand side – THIS happens. A bent USB-C connector which is instantly useless. So we spend more and more money replacing the horrible things. In recently also found out how little the Apple Help cares if you run into problems – all they want to do is sell you more stuff. All in all – Apple has become an an entirely selfish monster. But they want us enslaved. It’s hard to find a way out. Anybody out there have the same feeling ? Bri

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the Lookup on Instagram accompanied by a image of just such a USB-C connector, which is bent violently, after Brian May have tried to put another plug in his computer.

‘If any river in the cable, release it is not easy as with the previous magnetic plug (brilliant).’

‘And if you put the new connector in the left side and then trying to put a different connector in the opposite, it happens here (referring to the picture, ed.).’

Brian May ends his spiel with a finding that Apple has become a ‘selfish monster’, who are only interested in selling more products.

Brian May (t.h.) and the band Queen was in 2015 in Denmark along with singer Adam Lambert. Photo: Claus Bonnerup

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