You don’t need to test anything other than the clock, spoon, metal tray and bed.Temporary insomnia is normal life, and its primary treatment is drug-free treatment.Long-term insomnia magnified many diseases and accident risk, impair your ability to function and worsens the quality of life.Professor Nathaniel kleitman in the development of a simple test, you can test how serious the lack of sleep you suffer.

are you Dozing at your desk and commuting on the bus, but at night you can’t sleep? You are not alone as many others suffer from lack of sleep.

One of the causes is said to have increased the use of technology and work to take home. Laptop and mobile phone the blue light late at night interfere with your sleep.

sleep deprivation is harmful to health, because of its consequences including weight gain and heart disease and diabetes risk increase.

But how tired are you, really? To test it you only need a clock, spoon, metal tray and bed.

kleitman’s easy to test

British health themed television programme known as Michael Mosley advises to make the sleep delay time latency test, developed by university of Chicago professor Nathaniel Kleitman.

for the Test, you must land in a quiet, dark room in the early afternoon. Hold the bed edge of the spoon.

Put on the floor next to the bed on a metal Casinoslot tray, check the time and close your eyes. The question is: did you fall Asleep and if you fall asleep, how soon is that going to lie down after you fuck?

the Method is based on the fact that when you fall asleep, the spoon falls out of your hand and wake tipahtaessaan metal tray. At this stage, you must immediately check the time so you know how long it took you to fall asleep.

sleep deprivation accumulates, when a person does not get sleep, even if he need it. Mostphotos this interpretation of the result

Professor kleitman’s said that if you fall asleep in five minutes, you suffer from a really serious lack of sleep. If you fall asleep in ten minutes, sleep at night is difficult.

If you don’t fall asleep in fifteen minutes, you will have no problems yƶunissa you don’t suffer from lack of sleep.

the Test is, of course, the risk that the spoon tipahdakaan metal tray.

in That case, Mosley proposes a simpler test version, which you set, for example, your phone alarm for fifteen minutes and you test, did you fall asleep before the alarm.

Test add the Daily Mail.

the Case is initially published in 2017.