TV The kinderklassieker ‘tic tac’ was on november 1, 1981, for the first time broadcast on BRT. The program is the brainchild of director Mil Lenssens, that children are enthralled saw watching a lotto draw and the predictable, repetitive mix of colors, movement and musical rhythms in the children processed. There were 366 episodes, the series became a worldwide success. In the field of children’s seem to be the only ‘sesame street’ and ‘De Fabeltjeskrant’ a longer life. We spoke with three women who contributed to the creation of ‘tick tock’ were. Sara Van der Straeten: “My daughter thinks it’s a crazy idea that mommy is too small”

Four years was Sara Van der Straeten when they were in 1988 ‘a tick tock-baby’ was. Her mother worked in the youth service of the former BRT, where they are still archivist. (continue Reading below the picture)