What sounds like a child of the family, which included three adults? Polyamory-child family members tell about their own families everyday life.Polyamory in relation to the living Jonah and Marin, according to child care is easier when there is more helping hands. Most photo of

, 23, living polyamory in a relationship. The relationship belongs to another man and a woman in addition also fresh the baby.

I Met summer before last my current girlfriend. He was then already married. The couple had long wanted a child, and in the end they managed it, Joonas explains.

Father or uncle?

Whether polyamory in relation to resident male spouse automatically also the father of the child? Joonas at least not experience yet himself be a father.

I’m a member of the family, but not father. The child is not mine. I have not experienced envy the fact that they had a child, but it was not to me a personal matter, Joonas says.

Although the paternity of joy you are the family of the second man exclusive, Joonas experience, however, children of family happiness with his girlfriend of the season.

– Happiness spread polysuhteen. I get really good vibes about what is my girlfriend important. I also came to remember those moments, Joonas explains.

Not yet own child

Joonas’t dream of even their own biological children.

I have no particular enthusiasm for the fact that I get now a child of my own. It’s not discussed, Jonah, summarized.

however, If later the Restbet child begins care, Joonas speculated he was doing his child with another woman.

the Fifth child of shit

it Is also polyamorous families, each of which had enough of their own biological children.

– we have a family which includes me and my husband as well as my husband’s girlfriend. Me and my husband have two children. My husband’s girlfriend has three children of her previous marriage, Mary, 29, told reporters.

Although the family spend a lot of time together, a woman lives, however different houses.

– my Husband’s girlfriend lives separately. He needs his space. We don’t have plans to move in together. However, we would like to be closer to each other. Now we live 20 miles away, she says.

“the Kids get to tell the family model”

the Three configuration will certainly cause kummeksuntaa other children, adults and profession as breeders. Can the nuclear family differs from the model have this in mind even to the detriment of the child?

Children can be detrimental to all, which is different from the way property. Children can be bullied for example, glasses, Mari pointed out.

Mari’s family has not announced the model of the family day home and school.

– however, We do not require children to be without talking about it. The kids are talking about of course the father of the girl friends, but adults took these as mere children höpötyksinä, Mari says.

Fresh baby family member of Jonah, the family can not build their own activities bullying prevention point of view.

the nuclear family is not the only model, what works. Others are single parents, others have a bigger family. If the child being bullied, it’s because of a bully of their own problems, and our situation, Joonas pointed out.

an extra set of hands come in handy

Polyamory family models bring enormous relief to families with children everyday.

– Work is able to share. It is also easier to go out, when you always find the one who can’t stay to watch, Mari said.

Three adults in the family parenting does not become a burden.

I Think the point is, that there is always a chance to rest. No need to always be active. No need to always make a midnight snack, read a bedtime story or to feed the children. All shared in a threesome, she says.

Also Joonas experience three adult presence to be useful.

– Three adult relationships is terribly useful. Is the help of home care in, child-care in. May delegate, when the dogs have to take out or column to turn. You can always ask for help, Joonas explains.

No mother, but the responsibility still

where Joonas is not the father of the family was born a baby, not even Mari take the position of mother to her husband’s girlfriend’s child in the eyes. Maternity and paternity are polyamory in the relationship in caught up in the biological parenting.

I’m not the man my girlfriend the kids mother. I’m just aunt Mary. I have, however, somewhat motherly feelings for my husband’s girlfriend’s children, because I love them so much, Mari said.

Mari is, however, not the raising of children to responsible. Marin man is also not the father of his girlfriend’s children, because children is already a father.

– I Believe on the other hand, the ’village to raise a kid’. All adults always have some kind of responsibility for all children’s upbringing, Mari pointed out.

the extended family of happiness or jealousy?

But isn’t this in working with the children born of conflicting emotions? Whether your own biological children to raise on a pedestal?

Mari did not sign the claim of children on the inequalities of polyamory in the family.

yes, I do Feel that I take his girlfriend’s children well into account. My husband’s girlfriend also halii and gentle with our children. All children are our family as equals, Mari specify.

Mari is very happy with his own family model.

she got what she wanted extended family without, that is needed to actually make more children. Motherhood joys multiply when we have five children everyday, Mari said.