Can – or baking paper to facilitate the so to roll the dough as save complex cookies from being broken. MOSTPHOTOS

in Baking is a pain in the ass above all others: it, when the dough clings to the kaulimeen. Fortunately, however, there are tricks, for example, a professional baker prefer.

Put the dough blob into two voipaperin between so that the second wax paper is the dough underneath and another on top. Roll out the dough voipaperin on. This dough is easiest to roll the dough, and it doesn’t stick kaulimeen or työtasoon. Bet allows you to roll the dough so pie – like cookie dough.

Can – or baking paper recovery is more joy. You can press the cookie cutter straight into the dough on baking paper on the Betlike air that you move individual cookies separately on a baking tray on baking paper. Just leave the cookies enough space between, and pull the excess dough between them off. Then move the entire baking paper with all its pipareineen gently damper on. Thus, for example, more complex and more delicate you gingerbread patterns do not tear the transfer.

the Dough sticking kaulimeen can also prevent baking by enough cold batter and jauhotin by suitably and initialize that with a rolling pin. Look at cookbook author Nancy baggett’s the video of the dough with a rolling pin to niksistä.

Story first published in December 2016.